New Release – Bound to Endure

Hated that cliffhanger ending from Bound by Birthright?  No worries! The sequel, Bound to Endure, is now available for purchase! Part of a five star review from Chelsie on Bound to Endure says, “I would really recommend this series. The second book was even better than the first. I cant wait to read the final book in the trilogy which is coming out July 18th.”

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Bound to Endure - 3D


After narrowly escaping marauding pirates, Arabella has returned to safety and is ready to go through with her arranged marriage.

The human Prince Phillip isn’t who she wants to wed, but he was chosen by her parents to unite the elven and human realms. Arabella has fought her way through too many death threats and attacks to give up on this important goal, although the pirate Captain Smythe remains set on keeping the two countries enemies.

With the odds and her own heart against her, Arabella must overcome forces beyond her control if she’s to forge peace between the kingdoms.


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