19 thoughts on “Cover Reveal Choice: MINE TO SPELL

  1. #2 fits more with “You Are Mine” – a sensual beautiful woman. #1 looks too much like girl-next-door and sulky altho her eyes are beautiful!

  2. I put your poll up on my blog at http://deborahjayauthor.com/2014/02/28/choose-a-cover-for-this-ya-fantasy-giveaway/
    Unfortunately for some reason the poll won’t work there, but I have 3 votes now for #1, all with the same reasoning – that the first fits the description better even though the second is also gorgeous (please visit to see the comments).
    Sorry to have to do this manually – not sure why the poll won’t work, but I’m not techie-minded enough to wrestle it into compliance.

    • Thank you so much for posting the cover reveal and letting me know about the technical problem. I’ll definitely stop by your website in a couple days when I grab the final tally. Technology and I don’t always get along either, so no worries at all.

  3. Lol, will my vote count twice, since I did it on Facebook, too?

    #2 is definitely more expressive of Cynthia’s personality. It’s just so carefree – a very different trait than Serena and her serious expression on the cover of You are Mine. I feel like #1 is too serious for Cynthia – I don’t get a lot of emotion from it.

    You could even add a little bit of face paint to her neck to make it stand out more and be consistent with the story. Just thinking out loud of course.


  4. I love the cover. Thanks for sharing the process of finding the pictures and what they mean. Sorry I didn’t vote. This is the first day in quite a long time I’ve felt up to visiting blogs.


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