Cover Reveal Choice: MINE TO SPELL

MtS final covers

Which one do you like better?

Vote in the comments and the most popular choice will be the cover.

Winning cover will be announced right here on March 6th!

19 replies on “Cover Reveal Choice: MINE TO SPELL”

#2 fits more with “You Are Mine” – a sensual beautiful woman. #1 looks too much like girl-next-door and sulky altho her eyes are beautiful!

I put your poll up on my blog at
Unfortunately for some reason the poll won’t work there, but I have 3 votes now for #1, all with the same reasoning – that the first fits the description better even though the second is also gorgeous (please visit to see the comments).
Sorry to have to do this manually – not sure why the poll won’t work, but I’m not techie-minded enough to wrestle it into compliance.

Thank you so much for posting the cover reveal and letting me know about the technical problem. I’ll definitely stop by your website in a couple days when I grab the final tally. Technology and I don’t always get along either, so no worries at all.

Lol, will my vote count twice, since I did it on Facebook, too?

#2 is definitely more expressive of Cynthia’s personality. It’s just so carefree – a very different trait than Serena and her serious expression on the cover of You are Mine. I feel like #1 is too serious for Cynthia – I don’t get a lot of emotion from it.

You could even add a little bit of face paint to her neck to make it stand out more and be consistent with the story. Just thinking out loud of course.



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