Ask and Answer (#1)

Thrilled to do the first Ask and Answer! Funny tidbit, I can’t spell answer. I always type anwser and have to spell check it. Story teller I am, good speller I am not. On to questions today coming from Christy.

  • Will the story continue? ~Christy B


The story will most definitely continue. Book #2, Mine to Spell, is with one of my critique partners right now hopefully getting ripped to shreds. I don’t have any release details or blurb yet, but I can say it’s from Cynthia’s perspective.

There will be four books in the Mine series, with some extras along the way. If you’d like to see how things are coming along you can check my Works in Progress page. I try to update it regularly.

  • Would you ever consider putting  Zade’s (or the male of “interest” ) thoughts into a chapter? ~Christy B

I would consider it and if fact have already tried working on some scenes to giveaway as extras. There’s so many great things that happen from his perspective. Specific scenes I’m thinking of:

****Contains Spoiler Bits for You Are Mine****

When Zade kills Thomas, the whole scene and the bit that follows–just thinking about it has me wanting to go try and write it again. Also the scene in the library when Serena is trying to hide–Zade is so befuddled by her behavior, I’d love to put it to words and explore what he goes through more. The whole ball scene as well. There’s not as many new thoughts there, but I think seeing the whole scene play out from Zade’s perspective would be interesting. There’s others I’d like as well, but those are my top choices.

****End of Spoiler Bits for You Are Mine****

But alas! He is being quiet stubborn and giving me lots of grief. Nothing is working out very well so far, but I will continue to try because I would love for you know more about Zade. I woke up this morning able to write a few lines from him so it may just need some patience.

What do you think? Are there any scenes you’d like to see from Zade’s point of view?

Thanks for your questions, Christy!

Come back next Friday for more answers, and ask questions of your own.

Also, don’t forget that you can sign up to join the street team for the Mine Series.


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