Back Online – Bookmark Winners

Hi Everyone! Back online from my almost two week break and feel fantastic. Sometimes it’s just good to get away. Plus I came back to the lovely surprise of having You Are Mine hit some top #100 lists on Amazon. Still trying to process the goodness. Thank you so much for making this happen! And if you took the time to write a review, answer the questionnaire, or tell me how much you loved You Are Mine in some way —

Thank You!

I can’t even begin to describe the joy it brings to me hear your thoughts. For anyone that asked me a question, I will be posting answers here every Friday. Didn’t get a chance to fill out the questionnaire? No worries, you can still Ask and Answer!

Bookmark winners from the Questionnaire are:

Rachel and Christy B

How were your last two weeks? Do anything fun? Are you looking forward to the weekend?


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