First Paragraph of You Are Mine

Monday is launch day for my debut YA Fantasy, You Are Mine! In anticipation of this, I wanted to share the first paragraph with you today. Hope you enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend!

My blood will entice warlocks to ask for my hand in marriage, so of course Father wants it spilled.The sooner the magic within it is measured, the sooner he can sell me off. According to the laws of Chardonia, there’s no escaping it. For me that day has come.

You Are Mine Cover


What do you think of the first line/paragraph? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

I’m spending my Saturday disconnected to the internet, working on book #2. Yay for Saturdays!

6 replies on “First Paragraph of You Are Mine”

Wow, what an attention grabber! I can’t wait to start reading it tonight!! No fun plans this weekend, have a funeral Monday and lots of family stuff to deal w/all weekend. You’re book will be my escape.

The first line is definitely intriguing! Love it but I love even more that you’re working on book #2!!! 😀

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