Mine to Tarnish is Coming in 12 Days!

MINE TO TARNISH‘s release is sneaking up really fast. I can’t believe it’s almost time. Katherine’s story is one I’ve been dying to share. It has always been such a loud story in my head and now almost ready for you to dive into. It can be read before or after YOU ARE MINE. Enjoy the sneak peek!

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You Are Mine Excerpt

If you didn’t hear last week , Mine to Tarnish, a Mine prequel novella, will be released Dec. 2, 2013. Very excited about this story. I’ve also been busy with another secret project (more on this soon, and guys, I’m so excited to share! Think contest and with an awesome prize) along with working on Mine to Spell which is going really well. While you’re waiting for fun news, I thought I’d share one of my favorite experts from the You Are Mine. And as always, feel free to drop me a question or thought. Enjoy!

I slump against the wall and slide to the floor. My sisters. I’ve worked seventeen years to protect them. Apparently, I haven’t been doing enough. Yet, the little I was able to do, I’ll no longer be able to provide. Marriage will stop me from being with them more than she thinks. I’ll never be more than I am now. Only less. Less able to help them in any way. My ability to choose will fade. I’ll take on the role of a breeder.

Or worse. I’ll become like that haunted tarnished. Bald. Inked. Barren. Emotionless. Not worth the shadow I cast.

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First Paragraph of You Are Mine

Monday is launch day for my debut YA Fantasy, You Are Mine! In anticipation of this, I wanted to share the first paragraph with you today. Hope you enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend!

My blood will entice warlocks to ask for my hand in marriage, so of course Father wants it spilled.The sooner the magic within it is measured, the sooner he can sell me off. According to the laws of Chardonia, there’s no escaping it. For me that day has come.

You Are Mine Cover


What do you think of the first line/paragraph? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

I’m spending my Saturday disconnected to the internet, working on book #2. Yay for Saturdays!