New Release: Mother of the Chosen

New Release Time!

I’m thrilled to have my latest book released, Mother of the Chosen. It has been in my head for a long time, so it see it finally coming to light is beyond awesome. Adriella, the main character, has always wanted a child. When she finally becomes pregnant, a royal decree says that any child must be killed to protect the High King from prophecy. What ensues is a mad dash for Adriella and her baby’s life.

Reviews are coming in and people are loving the series as much as I enjoyed writing it. As a warning–yes, it does end in a cliffhanger, but the next book should be coming out the end of July. So, you shouldn’t have too long of a wait until Adriella’s story continues.

Links are below. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your opinion!

Mother of the Chosen

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Be careful what you wish for…

Adriella is pregnant with the child she’s always wanted.

She can’t wait to share the joy with her husband. Prophecy has other plans. The countryside is a ablaze with rumors of a soon-to-be-born child who will destroy the High King.

A royal decree demands the death of any child who could threaten the throne, including Adriella’s unborn baby. Worse, her husband is one of the soldier’s enlisted to carry out the king’s demands.

Now Adriella must keep her secret and flee, rather than celebrate with her spouse.

With the High King’s men searching for anyone who defies him, the country is full of grieving parents, and the streets run red with the blood of the innocents. Adriella knows her chances of survival are slim, but she’ll sacrifice everything to stay one step ahead of the law.

If she can’t evade capture, she’ll lose the one thing more precious to her than her own life—her child.



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