Woman’s Canon Rules Voting

It’s time!  Second round of the Woman’s Canon contest is here! The ideas you came up with were incredible! You guys are so, so awesome! You made it very difficult to decide which ones to pick. From funny to serious, they were just so amazing! You guys made me laugh and made me think. Thanks so much to all who participated!

Vote on your favorite rule. Answers are in random order to help make it fair. If there is a tie for the most votes, there will be a revote for the top picks next week.

Voting Ends August 23rd at Midnight!

Winner will receive bookmarks, postcards, $20 Gift cad from Amazon or B&N, a chance to name a character in Mine to Spell , and, a paperback copy of You Are Mine with notes written in from the author.

EDIT: Poll is closed, but results temporarily removed due to technical glitch.

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