Inspiration Through Music

No cover peek today, but I do have something else for you. For the next look at the cover, check back on Wednesday. But come back before then on Monday for another surprise — one in which you could win something!

With the release coming so close I wanted to share something that has not only inspired my writing, but is something I love. I can’t listen to music while I’m writing, It’s too distracting. But I often listen to music in preparation to write. Finding music the right music was tricky at first, but then I started listening to classical music. Here are a couple really helped me get in the mood.

These did amazing things for getting me in the right mood. But sometimes it still wasn’t quiet right. Then I discovered the Piano Guys. If you haven’t heard of them, they take (mostly) modern songs and give a classical twist to them. They are fantastic and clever. As my husband once said, “They are like hackers of music.” Because they find such creative ways to use their instruments and reinvent songs. A few of the following are songs that also helped me get in the mood for writing YOU ARE MINE. These songs don’t always carry the darker side of the book, mostly the hope.

What type of music inspires you? Do you listen to music to help get you in a certain mood? What are your favorite songs?

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6 replies on “Inspiration Through Music”

Very nice! I used to only be able to listen to music before, but I’ve been finding listening to certain songs during certain scenes really helps me add the emotion I need. The tricky part, is finding the right songs!

I listen to music when I write. I’ve even had talk radio on in the background. I can tune it out if necessary. I usually listen to my favorite radio station, which is a little rock, alternative, pop/contemporary w/ a little 80s/90s/00s mixed in.

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