Announcement Coming Soon

Hi Everyone!

Please pardon my construction as I reorganize my website. Sad to say, but I’ve decide not to blog any more. Instead, I will be having news and updates as they happen. Feel free follow them like you would a blog.

Stay tuned for some exciting news. I can’t wait to share with you what’s happening this spring!

6 replies on “Announcement Coming Soon”

Excited to see what is coming this Spring. I wonder about blogging myself sometimes. There are so many blogs out there and it can be stressful and time consuming. New and updates make a lot of sense:)

The stress and time consuming was a big thing for me. Lots of people pull it off really well though, and I will miss not having another way to connect with people. That’s probably what I’ll miss the most.

Limits are good, when you can meet them. I always set limits for my self, but then tend to get things that pile over them. Someday maybe I’ll be good at sticking to them. Good luck with setting yours!


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