Mine Series News

It’s time for news! I’m ecstatic to have news for you on the Mine series. I’ve found that I loved that series, and so does everyone else. Some of you may have already heard that I’m making this young adult fantasy book series and continuing forward. For those who haven’t, more Mine books are in the works!

Cool, right?

For those that love the Mine series or any of my other books, I’m working on sharing the process with you as I go. From character insights to rough drafts to the final book, I want you all to be a part. Join me!

For anyone who joins and is a part of Patreon getting all the awesome insights, drafted chapters, extra short stories, a community, and so much more, will also get a bonus magnet of the cutest little monkey from Sands of Eppla, Tewy. Seriously guys, you want this. Alicia Morely Dodson did the cutest job making him. He’s totally adorable.

You can join my Patreon here.

Have questions? Hit me up! Excited about more Mine series material to read? Let me hear it!

Can’t wait to have you join me in the world of Chardonia and Envado!


Mine to Spell Release Date

It’s official. I’ve been working on MINE TO SPELL, book two in the MINE series, for one year today. Which doesn’t even account for all the note taking and plotting I did before officially starting to write it. This is the longest I’ve ever taken to write a book.

Honestly, it’s driving me batty. 2013 ended up being crazy year, both in my writing life and personal life, which contributed to taking longer than expected. It’s also why you haven’t seen me around as much here and on social media. I’m still lurking, but almost all my writing juice is busy elsewhere. I miss you guys! But I think we’d both rather have more books out, yes? Enough explanation, off to the fun stuff!

Everything is finally coming together, writing/editing moving along faster, feedback coming in positive, almost all the words are there, and I’m doing the polishing on it now. Which means:

MINE TO SPELL will be released May 5, 2014

Cover and description will be following in the weeks to come!

Cover Coming Soon