Indie Life – The Joy of Being Indie

I’m very excited to be joining Indie Life.  The second Wednesday of every month a group of indie writers post on things related to being an indie author.


When it comes to being an indie author, I feel like a baby. I’ve only been published just over two months. The decisions to self-publish was only about seven months ago. There’s still so much out there to learn and do. But I love it! So I’m starting my first Indie Life post with my top five reasons I find joy in being an indie, in no particular order. And yes, some of these are applicable whether you’re traditionally or indie published.

  • Control. Yup. I’m a control freak and being able to have control over all the little details makes me giddy. Okay, fine, it also brings the occasional headache, but overall I love it.
  • Support. I’ve been very blessed to be surrounded by family, friends, and other writers who have whole-heartedly supported my decision to self-publish. Knowing those around are behind the choices I make, even when I announce I’m taking the indie route, makes me thankful.
  • Connections. Between other authors, book bloggers, and readers, I love the way I get to connect with other people as an indie.
  • Flexibility. I love that I can maneuver however I want/need to. Like releasing a prequel. I didn’t think that would come until later, but readers wanted to know more about a character and I’m so happy to give it to them sooner instead of later.
  • Dream. I get to live my dream every. Single. Day. Yes, sometimes it gets exhausting to write/edit/market/ect. but on the whole, I’m so happy to share my stories with others!

What do you find joy in?



The Girl Who Published a Novel (Plus Giveaway!)

Let’s start with a little story. *passes out snacks* And stay tuned (or skip ahead) after the credits for a giveaway!

Once upon a time there was a girl who decided to self-publish her novel. The girl loved her novel and the way she felt about it was like she’d felt about no other book she’d written before. But the girl did a lot of research. The realities were kind of depressing. After much thinking, the girl decided depressing realities were fine, she’d just adjust her goal to fit reality. It was a good goal. Nice and small, fitting given the research. The girl thought she’d have to work hard to make it happen within the first three to six months. So she set out to do the best she could.

Yesterday, the girl officially published her novel. The girl was happy as several book sales happened. Then happiness turned to surprise when more happened. Then surprise into downright shock as she met her goal in one day. As the day drew to a close the girl wept tears of gratitude and joy as her goal was surpassed.

Today, the girl is giving something back. She doesn’t know what else the future will bring, but she does know she’s so very, very grateful for those who not only purchased the book, but loved it, rated it, reviewed it, and sometimes reviewed it on more than one site. And the girl is happy.

Also, the girl decided to do away with her expectations.

The End.

*roll credits*

*after the credits bonus*

As this was all happening, both yesterday and as interest increased last week, I decided I wanted to give something back. I was originally planning on giving swag and ebooks away today, but your enthusiasm and support has made it so I can giveaway something special. Along with signed bookmarks and a mug (more about said mug on Friday!), I am giving away a signed paperback of You Are Mine.

I’m so thrilled to be able to do this. With my minuscule budget, it’s a rare thing, but one I hope can be repeated in the future. For now, I hope that you will all enter. And it would make me so, super happy if you would spread the word. You Are Mine has done well, but to continue doing well, it needs a lot of love and support. If you haven’t bought it, would you please consider doing so? And if you have purchased it, would you please consider telling a friend or leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads? Thank you so, so much!

Swag Pack

Swag Pack:

1 (one) Signed Paperback of You Are Mine

1 (one) You Are Mine Handcrafted Mug (hand wash only)

3 Signed Bookmarks

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The following standard applies: I hate that I even have to say this, but… I WILL be checking the entries and deleting ones that are not legitimate, so no cheating. But I know you’re all too cool to go there ;)

Please Note:Continental US only! Sorry! I hope to be able to do international some day! Must be 13 years or older and be legally able to win. Winner will be selected May 15 and must respond withing 24 hours or a new winner will be selected.