What Prize Do You Want?

Hi everyone! I’m putting together a contest for You Are Mine I think you guys are going to love. I get this giddy, crazy person laugh every time I think about it. Here’s the thing, it will require some thought on your part. I know mean, right? 😛

Because of this I want to make extra sure there are some amazing prizes. I already know what the grand prize will be, and guys, it’s awesome. I seriously want one for myself. But I’d like to have some other prizes to go with it. So here’s your chance to tell me what YOU want.

You can choose up to 3 things and I’d love your suggestions as well. If there are enough suggestions, I’ll do a 2nd poll including those as well. Also, the more votes something gets, the more likely I am to get it for you, so pass the word along if there’s something you really want.

EDIT: Poll has been removed due to technical difficulties 😦