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You Are Mine Launch Day

Hooray, it’s May 6th!

Launch day for You Are Mine!

First I have to say, thank you so much for everyone who has helped, talked about, already purchased/going to purchase, asked about, are excited about, reviewed/will review You Are Mine. Thank you!

To Buy an eCopy:

Smashwords/Amazon /Kobo



Sorry, it isn’t available on Barnes & Noble yet. They are a little slower at picking books up. If you need an ePub and just can’t wait, Smashwords allows you to download any formats you may need.

Fun Stuff Happening Today:

There is a lot of fun stuff going on around the web today for You Are Mine. Not only can you buy it (and if you just can’t wait, buy links are below), there’s excerpts, giveaway, and an interview. But not an interview with me. Nope. My main characters.

The interview is over at Loralie and Allyson’s blog and they are doing an awesome reverse blog tour all month long. They are having lots of different author’s in different genres visit. Be sure to check it out!

Serena and Zade’s interview

Plus a swoony first kiss scene

Still not convinced? Check out:

 An Intense Excerpt and Giveaway

You Are Mine Cover

Happy Monday!


You Are Mine Cover Reveal

It’s here! It’s here! I’ve been waiting to show the cover ever since it was finished. There’s so much I could say, but I’ll let it speak for me instead. And no, it’s not on this post. I have some wonderful people who signed up with Xpresso Book Tours to help me show it off which I am extremely grateful for!

There are so many, many awesome people that signed up to help that I can’t list them all, so I decided to post the few who are giving a review with the cover reveal. And I have to say, reading their reviews gave me these crazy laughing tears (it’s probably a good thing no one was around to see it ;)) It would make both me and them happy if you gave them some comment love. And I happen to know there are giveaways…

Cover Reveal and Review:

Danielle Romero (Spoiler free)

Robin Hall (Spoiler free)

You Are Mine eARC Winners!

Thank you so much for all of your help with spreading the word about YOU ARE MINE! We ended up getting 76 adds to Goodreads, which is amazing to me. Yes, there’s been some crazy happy dancing going on. Thank you! Because you guys were so awesome and helpful, I’ve squeaked the giveaway prize up to 80 adds and am giving away 3 eARCS. *cue cheering*

red-41362_150Winner’s Are:red-41362_150

#18 Suzi

#4 Callie

#16 Naomi

They have all been notified and ARCs will be sent as soon as I hear from them.

For everyone else, just over a week away until you can purchase it on May 6th! Plus the cover will be fully unveiled on Wednesday, with one last sneak peek on Monday. I hope you will come take a gander! If you missed piece two, be sure to go take a look. It’s my favorite one.

Also, I have to tell you guys, this week has been so amazing. Like so amazing I’m kind of in shock. Much of this incredibly happy news is still secret so I can’t share details yet, but it’s been fantastic, both for me and others. I’m anxious for the coming weeks so you guys can know this awesomeness, too. I will tell you two things relating to YOU ARE MINE. And feel free to keep sharing YOU ARE MINE to see if we can sneak past that 80 mark. 😉

Hint Details:

1)The few who have seen the full cover are giving amazing feedback. They love it as much as I do. In fact, I think a few may even somehow managed fallen in love with it more, which I didn’t think was possible…

2)Early reviews I’m getting hints about or have been sent have left me crying (happy tears). When I’m not spazzy dancing that is.

And a bonus…

3)Okay, fine this has nothing to do with YOU ARE MINE, books, or writing, but it’s still important. Discovered Crunchy Caramel Pretzel ice cream. It’s okay to eat half a carton in one day, right? Seriously you guys, this stuff is sweet, salty, caramel, chocolate goodness. Only thing it needs is a touch more chocolate. Definitely give this one a try.

Cover — Piece Two

Last week I shared the blurb that is on the cover of YOU ARE MINE. This week I’m giving you a tiny snippet of the image. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!














Cover Piece Two

Her expression, seen partially here, has always been what I’ve loved the most about this cover. It’s perfect for the book. What do you think?

While you’re here getting a glimpse of the cover, don’t forget that you can enter to win an eARC. Add it to Goodreads and/or share it online. Last check there were 66 adds! Thank you so much for helping me get there.  I must admit that you have already reduced me to tears of happiness with your support.

This means I’m giving away at least 2 copies. Keep sharing to see if we can get to 80 adds and giveaway 3 copies. The best response for adds so far have come from those that have recommended it to their Goodreads friends. You can find it on the YOU ARE MINE Goodreads page in the top right corner. Or any other way you’d like to help spread the word would also be greatly appreciated. And  don’t forget to enter the giveaway once you’ve helped!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


You Are Mine eARC Giveaway

One of the hardest things about being self-published is getting the word out. So, I’m begging nicely asking for help to spread the word. But I can’t ask something of you without giving something back so — Those that help will have a chance to win an eARC (electronic advanced readers copy) of YOU ARE MINE before you can buy it! *cue cheering*

Plus something extra! Because I love extra prizes, more will be given away if more people add YOU ARE MINE to Goodreads. That’s right! I’m going to giveaway more books the more people that are interested. Last I checked it was at 48 adds, so I know we can push it to get extra eArcs given away.

Goodreads adds = 65 I’ll giveaway 2 eARCs

Goodreads adds = 80 I’ll giveaway 3 eARCs

Goodreads adds = 100 I’ll giveaway 5 eARCs!

Also, if it gets to a total of 100 adds on Goodreads I’ll squeal and do a happy dance that my kids will laugh at. Honestly, I’ll do the same if it reaches 60, but if it gets to 100 it will be all the crazier.

My happy dance if it reaches 100 adds on Goodreads.
My happy dance if it reaches 100 adds on Goodreads.

How can you enter? A couple ways. You can earn entries by already having it on or adding it to Goodreads, plus you can tweet, share, post it on your blog, recommend it to your friends on Goodreads, or otherwise mention it online for an entry every day. And  you can do that two different ways every day for even more bonus entries. Closes Thursday at Midnight, so let’s see how many adds we can get in four days!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hate that I even have to say this, but… I WILL be checking the entries and deleting ones that are not legitimate, so no cheating. But I know you’re all too cool to go there 😉

Please Note:Open internationally! Must be 13 years or older and be legally able to win.

If you have any thoughts/questions, feel free to leave a comment! And thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help and support!


Winner, Swag Guessing, and Call For Reviewers

Winner from last week’s giveaway is…


Congratulations, Laurie! She has been notified, but I wanted to let you guys know as well, because — Yay for $$ for books!

YOU ARE MINE comes out in less than a month. Not much longer now! Some of the fun swag I have to giveaway is in my oven and questionlooks beautiful. And no, it’s not going to go bad in the month or so until I put it in the mail. Any guesses what it could be? And if you can figure out what, do you know why I’d be giving it away? If you guess right, well, I’ll smile really big and show the swag’s prettiness in a monthish. 😉

Also, for any book bloggers out there interested in reading YOU ARE MINE, review copies are ready. If you’d like one, simply fill out this form and I’ll be happy to send one your way. The link is also available on the side bar over ——> there if you interested. Plus the cover reveal sign ups are still open at xpressotours.com if you’re interested. And for those that have already signed up, you’ve all given me a giant semi-permanent grin. Thank you!

Can You Say Earlier Cover Reveal? Plus Giveaway!

Cover Coming SoonThat’s right! The cover for YOU ARE MINE is going to be revealed May 1st. The wonderful Giselle over at Xpresso Reads is assisting me with finding blogs to reveal it. If you are a book blogger, you can find sign ups at her site here. I am excited beyond belief to share it with you. Only one month left!

I also wanted to share some more exciting news. Edits are done! I’ve been working like a crazy woman (along with those fantastic people I’ve coerced convinced to help). And with that bit of intense combing/perfecting behind me, formatting begins. Which started with having to deleted 3,620 tabs. Thankfully my amazing computer genius husband figured a quick way to delete. He’s the best! Still, don’t think I’ll be using the tab key any time in the future…

With all this excitement going around, I have to share. Anyone feel like a free book or two?

Enter the giveaway below and you could win a $5 gift certificate to either Barnes & Noble or Amazon — winner’s choice. Free entries, plus a few options that would really make me happy if you did them, plus give you more chances to win. Gotta love free books!

And, no, none of this is an April Fool’s Joke. Maybe next year!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please Note:Open internationally! Must be 13 years or older and be legally able to win.