Offline and Ask Me Anything

The past 4-6 weeks have been pretty crazy around here so it’s time for a little break. Seriously, my dreams now include tweeting, facebooking, emailing, and blog commenting. Love all these things, but prefer to keep my dreams a little more adventurous–spies, assassins, swoon, and the like. 😉

I will be offline May 19th – May 31st. Even though I won’t be on the internet, I still have something fun planned! Ask me anything you want. When I get back online, I will be answering your questions. Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments or fill out the the form.

 You Are Mine Questionnaire

And to make it even more fun, a random person or people who fill out the form will be chosen to win You Are Mine bookmarks. The number I giveaway will directly correlate to how many people fill out the form. The more people that fill it out, the higher % given away. So if you want a bookmark tweet/share/talk others into filling it out.

Hope you all have a fantastic twoish weeks!