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About Janeal:

Janeal Falor lives in Utah with her swoon-worthy computer geek husband and three children. In her non-writing time she teaches her kids to make silly faces, cooks whatever strikes her fancy, and attempts to cultivate a garden even when half the things she plants die. When it’s time for a break she can be found taking a scenic drive with her family or drinking hot chocolate.


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*Please Note: Janeal is open to doing book clubs or other in-person event in Northern Utah. If you’re outside of this area but you’re group still wants to chat with her, a chat can be arranged.

Random Things About Janeal

Question: How do you say your name?

Funny story. No one says either my first or last name properly. It’s something I’m just used to by now, but here’s a guide in case you’d like to say it correctly.

Janeal = Janelle or Jan – ell

Falor = Like “Taylor” but with a F

Question: You fence? That is so cool! When did you learn to do that?

It is cool, isn’t it? I love it so much! I haven’t had a chance to do it lately because we moved, and I’ve had a hard time finding where to fence at. I originally learned to fence back in 2015 from a community group. It was super awesome! I miss it every day.

Question: I heard you are Mormon, is that true?

Yes, I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you’re interested in talking about it, feel free to email me. Want to know more? Check out ComeUntoChrist.org

Question: How long have you been writing?

I remember writing even when I was a little kid. My first story was about these aliens that were nothing but heads and floated around in these special cases. I drew pictures to go with it and everything.

Around 2006 is when I got serious about writing. It’s also when my first child was born. I found I wanted to do something outside of being a mom. Writing became that thing, and I’m a better mom for it.

Question: Have you ever travelled outside of the US?

Yes. I have been to Mexico and Canada. Some day I’d love to visit Europe and Taiwan. My husband lived in Taiwan for two years, and the stories he tells and the food there makes me want to go. Europe has so much cool history, art, and architecture, I’d really love to visit.

Question: Where did you get the idea for the Mine series?

Back in January 2012, I had been reading a lot of books about arranged marriages. Then I got thinking, what if these women were were being sold off for something besides money? Something they had, but couldn’t control. Something like … Magic! And You Are Mine was born.

Have a question you’d like me to answer? Send me an email at janealfalor@gmail.com

4 replies on “About & Contact Janeal”

Can I please ask, are all of your books clean (specifically for this question I mean books with no offensive language and no sex scenes)? Or are some books clean and others not? As for the violence content, I prefer books with little to no violence however if there is a bit too much violence for me I generally just skip that part as I have a bit of a violence phobia.
Thank you!

I am so sorry that I didn’t see this comment sooner! I somehow missed the alert and I apologize. Yes, in general they are clean. No sex scenes at all, just some kissing. Also, I don’t write swear words, so the language should be good. Violence is there, though I tend to try and keep it less graphic and more on the emotions. There are fight scenes with the action/adventure part of the stories, but I try not to linger on the actual damage done. I know everyone’s tolerance for such things are different though. I do try to keep my books clean. Hope you have a great week!

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