Sands of Deceit (Sands of Eppla #2)

Sands of Deceit

Sands of Eppla #2

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Ever since Nikon entered Cassandra’s life, she’s gone from a peaceful existence to a world of danger and answers she never wanted—except about her parents possibly being alive. Though her parents caused her to go blind, Cassandra still wants to know what happened to them. But with warriors patrolling the streets and targeting members of the rebellion, both she and Nikon are reluctant to take on a perilous search for her family.

When warriors are sent to oust the two of them, Nikon and Cassandra quickly find themselves fleeing for their lives. With the rebellion struggling, there’s few people to aid them unless they find a way to pull the rebels together.

While on the run, Cassandra and Nikon must race to find her parents and help fight against the Reding and Vading’s iron rule. Should the warriors capture them, their lives and the lives of those they care about could be forfeit. Too bad the secrets still simmering between them could get in the way of everything they’re trying to accomplish.

Finding Cassandra’s parents, aiding the rebellion, and the most impossible task of all—falling in love—now seem farther away than ever.