Mine to Defy

Mine #4.5

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Thought to be worth less than a shadow, Princess Tawny will strive to save people like her, and may just discover her value in the process.

After being forced to become tarnished—bald, inked, and barren—Princess Tawny is finally returning home to a family and country that aren’t ready for what she’s become. Uncertain how to go forward with a life that’s moved on without her, Tawny meets a stranger, Lonvar. He shows her the dark side of society. Tarnished are being kidnapped.

While working with Lonvar and amidst their growing attraction, it quickly becomes clear the plot against the tarnished has a sinister edge.

Tawny will do all in her power to help her follow tarnished gain freedom. If she doesn’t find out who’s really behind the plot and how to stop them, she will lose the lives of those people who are tarnished like her—and possibly her own.Mine to Defy is the story of what happens after the final book in the Mine series. It can be read as a standalone, but adds more to the world if you’ve read the other Mine series books.