Goddess Ascending

Goddess Ascending

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Izlana, goddess of creation, is on her first journey to the world. Excited by the experience, she lets down her guard, only to be betrayed by a fellow god. She is captured by humans who neutralize her powers with a magical collar, leaving her vulnerable and weak in a strange new world.

While in servitude, she meets Marric, another servant. She’s terrified to realize she’s falling for him since it’s forbidden for a goddess to love a human. With her feelings just as trapped as she is, she’ll have to learn to live without him, regain her powers, and return home… alone.

Except her bond with Marric isn’t the only obstacle in her way. In order to return home, Izlana will have to fight her way through the war between the humans and the gods. If she fails, more than just her heart is at stake…both the heavens and the earth will crumble.