Mine to Fear (Mine #3)

Mine Series

Mine to Fear - The CoverMine to Fear

A Young Adult Fantasy

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Waverly resents being sent home to Evando just as things are getting intense in Chardonia. She can’t just sit in safety while her friends suffer under oppression and restrictions simply because they are women.

Upon returning to Chardonia, she discovers conditions have degraded faster than she thought possible, and her mere presence puts her loved ones in grave danger. When the Grand Chancellor calls for a change in laws that threatens the lives of her friends, her family, and anyone who doesn’t comply, her only option is to run, with both friend and foe.

As the stakes grow higher with each passing day, Waverly must become the leader she’s never been, or her life, and the lives of all those she cares for, will be lost.


profanity: none
violence: mild to moderate
sexual content:mild
mature themes: moderate
age recommendation: 14+

*Please note content evaluation is subjective. If you would like more particulars that may contain spoilers feel free to e-mail Janeal at janealfalor(at)gmail(dot)com



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