Death’s Assassin (Death’s Queen #4)

Death’s Assassin

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Old Rivals. New Magic. A Country Worth Fighting For.

Struggling to live in a body that has betrayed her, Ryn refuses to give up, even if that means working alongside her sworn enemy to take down an even bigger threat. Daros was once the most hated man in Ryn’s life, but now he just may be her salvation… if she can convince him that her side is the right one.

While the First Queen invades Ryn’s thoughts and leaves havoc in her wake, there’s little room for mistakes in the fight for Ryn’s life and country. But as the crown’s enemy grows ever closer to success and targets the people Ryn loves the most, the young queen must dig deep inside herself for the strength and courage needed to win this war. Because if Ryn loses, her beloved country will be destroyed at the hands of a madwoman.